26 August 2008

i met the walrus

drunken flotsam

I drunken flotsam floating

Along your many rivers and

Seeking that which escapes until

Sneaking up looking faithfully

Sprung upon suddenly rising

In the midst of fellows and

Brothers I am found

Myself and

All and


19 August 2008

does it make your heart sing?

Awaken sleeper!
Awaken still!

Each day becoming
It’s own song.

Does it not
Make your heart sing?

To your knees
Grace and beauty,

Eyes to sky
Open wonder.

Drunken with
The thank you;

Peaceful with
The night.

60 second meditation: a simple pleasure, light on water, from sun to shadow

(video by signe)

16 August 2008

pierre cot: the storm

sad divide

It’s a sad divide.


I don’t even recognize

The sound of my own voice.


I’m shifting in my seat,

Measuring time in tiny doses.


Sometimes the only reminder of myself,

Are my own small footsteps

Pacing quietly up the stairs.


Why how this way?


Even though knowing, like a child

I resist the answer:


We are not vigilante and so

We are surprised when,


Loving in a natural way,

Sadness slips in the back door.

quote: buddha


Live purely.

Be quiet.

Do your work with mastery.

Like the moon, come out from behind the clouds.


11 August 2008

renoir: the bathers


I have loved,

And was moved.


Every now and then

I still hear the song,

From time to

Measured time.


I need to recover everyday living.


You are as though

Everything’s normal,


Everything’s changed:


The very air I swim through

Is suffused with left-over

Music, love and light.


Memory breaks through

Small sunlit patches

Of rainbows and scattered happiness.


Even the smallest movement

Can collapse with

Emotion and emphasis and meaning.




Can you feel it now?

Are you following me?

Does it show?


If I dance to the drummers,

Will they see my flight?

Will pain and joy and wonder

Be written on my face in plain human?



Take my hand before I spin off and

Become only the plasma of life itself:

Pure energy without form,

In and of it all,

All at once and



03 August 2008

william bouguereau: seated nude

let it go

Let it go

Let it all go

Let it flow through you

For in time

You will feel

Once again whole

If not

Completely unlonely

Missing some piece

Of what has grown

To become a part of you

Searching lost in the crowd

Among the dark flutter

Of dancers and drummers

Washing you down

With sadness and glory

The bittersweet never

Having fallen

Far from the tree

And the branch

Still reaching


(photo by signe)

02 August 2008

for my aunt nana: may you rest in peace

quote: j. tarrant

What is the mind like if it's not occupied with plans and schemes, and fears that the plans and schemes will fail? What if your unexamined beliefs were to fall away and you were to live without them, and also to live without the thought that you had to give anything up?