15 February 2010

learning curve

Although it may seem that I am neglecting my little blog, in actual fact I have been quite active. I am in the process of doing research, with the ultimate goal of a new and improved blog. I have discovered that, as often as not, life gets in the way, but I am heads and shoulders deep in researching blogs, videos, and digital photo storage and manipulation. For this reason, my online presence has diminished.

I am not satisfied with the limitations of my current Blog host, but perhaps I need to learn to code. I was hoping for a more simplified approach, so that I could concentrate on the message, not the media. But apparently I will either have to change hosts or take some tutorials for this one.

Among other things, I would like to be able to see the comments that readers have posted, and I would like to be able to receive emails without giving up any more privacy than I have already, but I haven't been able to figure out how to turn those things "on" (at least, not to my satisfaction).

I've also been having formatting issues, which are the result of "improvements" by the host, but which I can't seem to figure out. Very frustrating.

I think of myself as fairly proficient in computers and related technology, for an amateur anyway, so perhaps I just need to grit my teeth and dig my heels in and go for it.

If anybody has any suggestions, I am open to suggestions, ideas, tutoring, etc.

In the meantime, I will let you know how it goes as I go through this process. Perhaps this is my Next Assignment.