09 February 2009

E. Gilbert on genius and creative energy

I have been absent lately, from this blog, and maybe even myself... wondering about direction, spiritual, creative, physical and asking myself questions: what direction do I want this blog to take? where do I want to live? where do I want to put forth my effort...?

When faced with the Proverbial Crossroads, you are unfortunately susceptible to the cacophony of the opinions of others, some of which is well-meaning and some of which is a not-so-subtle attempt at control and manipulation.

I have always been a fan of "Do It Anyway", as in:  "Well, you're never going to make money at this, you know". My response: Do It Anyway.
"You'll never be published". Do It Anyway.
"Your amateur effort is commendable, but So&So is real artist". Do It Anyway.
"You're just a dreamer". (oh, how I love that one!) Do It Anyway!

Don't let unnecessary and irrelevant criticism and judgement keep you from following a dream or just trying something new. Play as hard and as much as you can, and don't worry about what other people think...

Creative energy, flow, divine inspiration: all the same source. Let it flow through you. And watch this marvelous presentation by Elizabeth Gilbert: enjoy.