22 November 2008

six thousand miles

You are words on the page to me.

Thoughts in my head.

How real is that?


You are my imagination and fire;

Oh my soul

Here you come again.


I am falling tumbling

Along the terraced sky and

Elaborate out-of-body.


Let’s do this: pretend.

We shall walk together

And smoke and play


On rich forgiveness and oh my

Future and what the hell.

It could happen?


Still, I am not always here:

My daily governing is full

And there is my naked porch


Where maybe you never were, really

And chimes have an

Intimate relationship with the trees.


The same moon kisses us both

And each of us far away and

Above us all, The Light.


Blessings hover and surround, so

Ring the truth and the honesty,

With love ever after, thank God.

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