10 December 2008

my favorite season

It is fashionable to put down Christmas. "Commercial". "Materialistic". "Greed". "Waste".

But I respectfully disagree.

I believe that Christmas is what you make of it.

For me, it is the time of the year when I can say aloud and often my daily prayer: "peace on earth".  An entire holiday devoted to peace? I'm there.

It was the message of Peace that made Jesus' message so vital, so timeless.

And what can be more beautiful than giving gifts to the people you love? You don't have to buy it; you can make it, bake it, sing it, massage it, dance it, serve it... you get the idea.

Peace. Giving. Pretty lights. 

The cynics can frown and carry their negative energy around on their backs; meanwhile, I will dance my daily joy for love and peace and giving and singing.

Peace: it's not just for dreamers anymore.

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