09 January 2010

tabula rasa

The phrase "tabula rasa" means "blank slate" in Latin. While I don't believe that a totally blank slate is possible in a human being - even a baby is born with inherent and inherited tendencies, talents and instinct - I do believe that it is possible to Begin Anew, whether literally, physically, and/or mentally/emotionally.

I was born, and still live, within the walls of the current empire. As a student of history, I realize both the advantages as well as the cost of this fact. Were I to be a citizen of another country, I might not have the blessing of being able to talk about "new beginnings". I might only be able to speak of survival, and struggle, or perhaps I wouldn't be able to speak at all.

But, here I am. Freely speaking for such a time as I am able: observing, living, sensing, feeling, remembering. Living.

Tablua Rasa. And so I Begin Again.

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